Cars with Drunk Driving System

2 min readSep 27, 2022

Ever since automobiles were introduced in 1886, there has been optimization everywhere. Its shape, wheel, engines, colors, design, whatever you talk one can surely give uncountable changes since then. Automobiles have been optimized for particular usages, be it carriage, trucks, cars, vanity, etc. New technology is now grabbing attention, and guess what? It may free feds with a major problem.


Drunk driving led to 8335 deaths in India in 2020. Each day about 28 people in America die in drunk-driving car crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Drunk driving has been a severe issue, where some people drink and drive insanely on the road, risking their and others’ lives in danger.

Although laws are strict, facts don’t prove their effect. Thus, this technology may come in handy for enforcing the proper code of conduct.


The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has called to standardize alcohol impairment detection systems for all vehicles in the United States. This system helps in the detection of the drunk driving case with the help of technology and prevent any accident, etc.

The Alcohol Impairment Detection System can work in many ways. Driver’s facial expressions are monitored for suspicious activity. If any problem is detected, the system can launch an alarm or slow down the vehicle, eventually stopping it. It may also connect to local police if the feature is added in the future. The system is still to be perfected.


NTSB official Jennifer Homendy points to a car crash last January on New Year’s Day when nine people, including seven children, died in a tragic head-on collision between a Dodge SUV and a Ford F-150 truck in rural California. “Technology could’ve prevented this heartbreaking crash — just as it can prevent the tens of thousands of fatalities from impaired-driving and speeding-related crashes we see in the US annually,” she said.

Clearly, if this technology is perfected, it may help to decrease severe accidents and make the earth a safer place to live. Technology has been helping to ease human life for years now; this is another excellent example of it coming to our aid.

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