How New By-Wire Platform Accelerates Autonomous Transit Vehicle Development?


  1. Throttle By wire - This sensor monitors the position of the accelerator pedal. When the Movement of the pedal is sensed, the ECU is notified of this. ECU utilizes the preloaded data which then opens the throttle according to how much the accelerator pedal was pressed. The throttle opening and closing are controlled by an electric motor control which is directly in the hand of the ECU.
  2. Brake By wire - The movement of the pedal is passed on to the ECU which is connected to four DC motors one on each tyre. Depending on the depression of the brake pedal the ECU commands the motors to brake. As these motors are independent of each other they can apply different pressure on each tyre which helps while using other technologies like ABS and TCS.

Autonomous Vehicle

How By-Wire Platform accelerates Autonomous vehicle development?




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