What is dark energy, and have scientists finally detected it? | EXPLAINED

Dark energy, you must have heard its name somewhere, but do you know what it is? The more you will learn about it, the more interesting it gets. Intrigued by dark matter and dark energy for decades, it is still a mystery for scientists and physicists. But recently, a group of cosmologists suggested we don't need to dig more in the cosmos. It has been detected right here on earth. How much of it is white, and how much is black? Let us find out in this blog.

What is Dark Energy?

Well, that's how the theory of dark energy came into the picture. Much like dark matter, there are various theories for dark energy. What's more interesting about this thing is that it is dominant in the universe, but we still don't know about it. This 'invisible energy is supposed to cover 68% of all the mass in the universe.

Dark Energy vs Dark Matter

Many large-scale experiments are being conducted to detect traces of dark matter, but dark energy is a whole different story and hard to catch. It works by searching the sign of dark matter hitting ordinary matter. Some theoretical physicists believe there’s an entire dark realm of particles and forces out there, just waiting to be discovered

Experiment to detect dark energy

Recently, a XENON team reported some uncertainties in their experiment, and dark energy could be responsible for it. “Basically there’s some background noise and the electrons in XENON1T will on average move a bit on their own even with no dark matter or dark energy around simply by virtue of “kicks” due to this background.” This suggests that experiments that detect dark matter could also work for detecting dark energy. "It was really surprising that this excess could in principle have been caused by dark energy rather than dark matter," Vagnozzi said in the release. "When things click together like that, it's really special."


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